dykes are just natural bad parents

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It sickens me the shit thats talked about and the imagined damaged we do our kids just by being gay! especially coming from folks who shouldn’t be near kids let alone be parents….and yep I am judging here but get a grip! Parenting and child welfares’ got a lot more complicated than simple sexual preference!

Did I tell you  that’s the polite implications from heterosexual society about my fitness as a mum, (and everyother dyke mum) you did realise that didn’t you? If you chose homosexuality and have kids then this might be your fate too…or maybe it all change overnight

 Having a dyke for a mum or being a dyke child…which surly different from just being a bog standard child! Isn’t it!! Maybe not or just maybe theirs no title for what he is or his circumstance is, well at lest until he goes to school then I am sure third be a few titles pushed his way (I hope he’s as big as a rugby player, that might stop the shite)

I have been hearing a lot lately of what crap parents we are bound to be to be “selfishly choosing to have kids and by gay” …and openly gay to boot, shame on us all! Just sounds like another string to the homophobic bow

Well not my fitness as a mum, somehow that gets lost and overshadowed by my sexual preference. My sexual preference overshadows his ability to feel loved, be nurtured with patience and understanding, defiantly no physical violence in this house to anybody or emotional abuse or threat all of that gets somehow lost by the one pivotal point…my sexuality. So he’s bound to grow up burdened and damaged and scarred for life!

I heralded that directly and indirectly heralded its implications so many times that if it made me barff I would be anorexic by now!

Hmmmm well that’s what they recon anyway. Globally I wonder how often a dyke hears that

Out of that bunch of twenty odd dykes and two homosexual men and a lad in his early 20’s, the child of a homosexual couple and boy did he hide his damage well. His journey through school may have been a bit difficult at times but he certainly was less bullied than many a child at his school.

The couple I was sat next too, they had a child each, so two children in a lesbian household. The biological father babysat that night to allow the ladies a night out. Seems all good on the outside but surly theirs double trouble within their kids, hmmm another case of hiding their damage well. These kids certainly can’t be as well fitting into school life as well as their parents make out. (or so you have us believe if we listened to you)

All that or could it just be the case that straight society and its expectations’ of moral damage done to our kids simply just could be wrong. I have known these women for years one of them nearly 14 years and know their families well enough to reckon that what you see is what you get. Typical kids going through typical things, dealing with typical troubles and concerns that’s normal for kids at their respective ages. Not a bit of damage insight. Not by any means are the kids perfect or their parents and parenting methods perfect but certainly theirs not one bit of abuse heralded onto these kids by their parents’ sexuality. Their lives could be a bit easier if society woke up to its mess and mixed messages and predigest and well… blatant homophobia but the kids are thriving anyway.

Sometimes the might is not right and in this case these kids are just normal kids with a different set of circumstances to deal with than many kids. I have still to see the damage caused or anything near to it, again might is not right.

A good night was had, the kids behaved themselves and even looked happy and like they were enjoying themselves, the young lad in his early 20’s went off just before midnight to be with some mates. All just normal enough stuff with not one bit of damage or dysfunctional behaviour in sight

The bottom line is we been having kids for a variety of reasons for long enough that those kids have growen up…..and those young adults are well enough adjusted within society, that no ones listening to your predigise about dyke parenting. Let the parent be judge by how they treat the kid not just thir sexual prefranse.


two mounths of sitting in yuckkk

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Quick, a friends birthday loomed, first night out in over two months, been sick and missed everything else for two whole months, two I tell ya! So I though I celebrate the night in style and mark the occasion with a bath, which tipped the child off that a night out was happening. It promised to derail the night but I done the unthinkable mummy thing and fibbed, yep I lied to my son. Told him I would just sit in and talk with the babysitter and not go out.

Down to me and this lie I think it be more liklie he’d be scared for life to th point he’s in counsellors’ office wailing and gnashing teeth not because his mums a dyke but because his mum lied to him about her night outs. Typical with these thoughts (as a mum) mashing about your head (wait until it happens to you). Anyway, I went out ,…came back in and he’s still asleep.

Mission imposable just been accomplished, no need to save for his counselling after all! My secrets safe for now and I just busted my two mouths run of social sitting-in-yourself-dome…more about the night out and kids tommorow, its 5am!

Yes I have a child: the good old fashioned lesbian way

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Opps I feel a tangent coming on!

Prepare yourself for the dyke mum tirade.

I don’t need to explain the child to you but I will anyway as sometimes the judgement from within my community’s a strange land to inhibit. Sometimes my community gets it wrong as well. I mention I have a child and its assumed I slipped in my dyke hood and shagged a man, perhaps too drunk to not do it, was unfaithful to my partner, really, I am a bisexual not a dyke, I was once married but now I am not, I am just new to being a dyke, so a baby dyke at this age ;). The thing is.. and I can see their point.. and the main point of their confusion is simpley this. For a child to be created then sperm must meet egg, it’s just a biological fact. The difference is sperm can meet egg in a whole manner of ways all of the above examples being true (for some) and yet untrue in this case. No, their was no turkey bastes used, but still no intercourse either!

So I conceived my child the good old fashioned lesbian way…and I am happy to announce that without the details, well at lest e-mail me for the details. The joke about the turkey basters just that, a joke, look at the size of a turkey baster compared to the mizzle 35ml of sperm you get on average, honest to goodness we aren’t that deep and their certainly not enough man juice to fill a turkey boaster. The whole turkey bester just makes it awkward in this house at Christmas time because it’s probably be the last thing you find in my cupboards’ out of pure pig headed stubborness…. In fact….. I see lesbian’s all along this land standing in protest to this silly stereotype in down right political outrage…refusing to buy a turkey buster from Dunns! Dry birds all over Christmas morning down to this stereotype being taken a bit too far and I ask ya did ya ever really in your hart of harts think we used turkey boasters!..(.it would have to be a turkey boaster if he’d ever hope to fill it) ….tirades over!


So I never did get that drunk to get confused and shag a man, nor was I married and recently divorced, I am not nor have ever been a bisexual, I never was unfaithful to my female partners and certainly not with a man, and I have been a dyke a lot longer than 5 years. I am sure the above examples have brought some kids in to this world from within the lesbian community but just not in this case.

blog or blobing!

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Boy was I bothered I couldn’t separate those words for the address so instead of being a “gay women’s host,” Martinis anyone!

I end up being gaywomenshost…..I ask you … come on Ladies oh you programmer geniuses include the humble—-then we can actually read the name we chose for ourselves on a the world wide platform not be resigned to a jibbering gook of letters, (a bit like my posts before I spell check them)…which I will or won’t do if I don’t get my own way enough,…. that I can promise.

 That’s enough from me until I can figure out the dashboard and the settings etc….well it beats going testing, 1…2…3. Perhaps!