two mounths of sitting in yuckkk

Quick, a friends birthday loomed, first night out in over two months, been sick and missed everything else for two whole months, two I tell ya! So I though I celebrate the night in style and mark the occasion with a bath, which tipped the child off that a night out was happening. It promised to derail the night but I done the unthinkable mummy thing and fibbed, yep I lied to my son. Told him I would just sit in and talk with the babysitter and not go out.

Down to me and this lie I think it be more liklie he’d be scared for life to th point he’s in counsellors’ office wailing and gnashing teeth not because his mums a dyke but because his mum lied to him about her night outs. Typical with these thoughts (as a mum) mashing about your head (wait until it happens to you). Anyway, I went out ,…came back in and he’s still asleep.

Mission imposable just been accomplished, no need to save for his counselling after all! My secrets safe for now and I just busted my two mouths run of social sitting-in-yourself-dome…more about the night out and kids tommorow, its 5am!


~ by niwomen on May 17, 2009.

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